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Not working on Yosemite

The latest version is not working with Yosemite.

PSD Image ’s color are whashed out

Photoshop PSD Image ’s color are whashed out with this version 5.2 (doesn’t happen with previous version). Had to convert my images into PNG files instead. Try your stuff before putting it on Applestore ! Please Apart from that, it is a good app :)

A Little Buggy Right Out of the Gate

First time using Motion... I wanted something like AfterEffects and decided to give motion a try. Installed beautifully using the App Store, but I did crash it about two to three times within the first 10 minutes of experimenting with it. Looks user friendly enough, I know it will get rock solid after a few patches and updates.

External Video Missing

Very disapointed that apple has removed the External Video Preview.

Its ok...

A little bit buggy when opened. No new templates? But overall... a clean, fresh look with a nice UI.

A huge improvement

I used to use Motion 4 regularly, and am in the tech review business, and Motion 5 really just blows its predecessor away. No more goofy multi-window nonsense, much easier navigation, and the additionnal content is just fantastic (and royalty-free, of course!) Expect a review of this on my site around August.

Its better

This is definitely the standout in the FCP X releases. The new UI is great too. Snappier performance, and FINALLY renders that dont change randomly depending on the hardware/software.


Motion 5 is stupendous on its own, but the interaction between Motion and FCPX is way beyond my hopes. This is a must have for anyone using FCP in any serious way. BTW, get some training otherwise its really easy to miss a whole lot and there are features that must be done a certain way otherwise you can get really lost and frustrated. Conversely, Its quite intuitive if you understand what you really want to do, and how Motion works to accomplish it.

This and Final Cut X - What the What?

This program is Apple software at its best. Whoever oversaw the evolution of Motion 4 to Motion 5, I wish youd be moved over to head the Final Cut Pro X.1 development team, cause those cats are goofy.

Excellent Software

I always found the previous version of motion a little too complex, even to do the simplest of things. This version has come a long way in simplifying what is a very huge and complex piece of software. The ability to create modifiable templates for FCPX is unbelievable. I would have given this five stars but their is a but. I can not fathom how they can do something so briliant as the way they incorporated FCPX templates, yet they were not able to do a simple "send clip to motion" in FCPX to do a basic composition round trip. The work flow to do this consists of exporting your clip out of FCPX, import it in Motion, do your effects, export it as a quicktime movie, import it back into FCPX, re apply any FCPX effects, timing changes, etc… It really makes you think twice about how badly you want to add an effect to that clip in order to go through the process. Fix that Apple and you will get a five star from me.

Surprisingly reliable even when it isn

This long-needed overhaul to Motion works quite well. Its relatively fast and, unlike its NLE brother, most of the changes are for the better. Regarding the title of my review, Motion crashed a few times while working on a relatively simple titling project (which has been a feature of Motion for its entire existence), but what was nice was about it how well it was able to recover and none of my work was lost (this is on Lion.) We still need video-out support for broadcast monitoring (again like FCPX), but for straight up Motion graphics work and/or titling, I still find Motion the superior alternative to After Effects - the later having more power but not as quick for certain productions. Also, even if you dont use FCPX, having Motion will give you access to all its talents plus install the wonderful ProRes codecs for use in other NLEs and video suites.


Great app. The effects are really good! Its a little hard to figure out at first, but its definitely worth $50.

Neat application when it works

This application has lots of potential, easy to learn, so much stuff it can do. However, my only issue with it so far is that it has frozen on me several times since I bought it yesterday, and each time I have lost all the work Ive done in that session. Very frustrating!!!

Great program!

This program is everything I hoped for, and then some. It comes with great particle tools and text and all sorts of stuff! It was easy to figure out, but ive used adobe after effects in the past so other beggining people may have a hard time using it. I dont know. I bought this program as a replacement to adobe after effects and it seems to fit the bill. The only thing Ive found missing (or have not discovered yet) Is the puppet pin tools from adobe after effects. otherwise, its really awesome! Ive already made some cool videos with it!

Not bad

It is an amazing progam. Although, apple could make it a bit more user friendly.

Needs Fullscreen & FCPX Roundtrip Support

Wish it had fullscreen & dual screen support. Plus, rountrip of clips between FCPX. Otherwise, I like it.

Fails to download

Funny Apple wasts no time in taking your money, but after dozens of failed attempts at downloading this software I am on the verge of asking for a refund. Wish me luck!

motion is greate but it has some problems

i bot motion after getting Final Cut Pro X and i really really liked it. i used it for a little wile and noticed a few problems. i have like the seckend best macbookpro but wen i try to add lots of fx to a video clip my laptop gets really really glitchy. the main problem witch is also with all your other pro apps as well as motion is that voice over works terribly with them. please fix these problems apple.

Wow what a speed boost!

The previous Motion version 5 used to stutter on my MacPro 2.8 Quad-Core machine with 14GB of ram, but now it flows much much more smoothly. I’m very happy about the update. I didn’t give it a 5 star because I haven’t given it a full fledged trout, but way to go Apple. What a difference! Woo Hoo!!! Now all I need is to upgrade my graphics card to Nvidia GTX680 or ATi Satphire 4950. Haven’t made up my mind which is better.

Still an interesting idea but has faults

I started using Motion with the very first version and it hasn’t changed all that much. It is not a replacement for Affter Effects but it is a simple way and intuitive way to get quick motion design done. Quickness is also a problem in many cases sadly, it hangs up often when using emitters in particular and when using more than a few layers. I have a mac pro with 16 gigs of ram which handles 3D animation software and other processor and graphic card programs very well so this is a Motion issue with some systems. Its strong points like making text animations and it’s great price certianly give it a place in any video work flow.

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